Subcutaneous immunotherapy

Allergoid subcutaneous (SCIT) product

Our allergoid subcutaneous (SCIT) product is an immunotherapy designed for the treatment of a wide range of allergic symptoms, from allergic conjunctivitis and allergic rhinitis to allergic asthma. Its effect is brought about by administering small amounts of allergen extract.

The doctor prescribes the course of treatment based on your specific sensitivity (e.g. grass, pollen or mite) and injects the medicine into the upper arm. After the initial phase (weekly administration), you only need to see your doctor once a month. All in all, such a course may take three to five years. The purpose of our SCIT  treatment is to eliminate your hypersensitivity.

Our allergoid SCIT product is available for most prevalent allergens such as grasses, trees and mites. It is a modern form of therapy involving chemically modified allergens. The advantage of this form is enhanced safety (by means of significantly reduced allergenicity), while retaining the same level of efficacy. Consult your doctor or specialist for more information.

Available PURETHAL® product portfolio:


  • D. pteronyssinus/D. farinae


  • Mixed Grasses
  • Mixed Grasses + Spring Trees
  • Mixed Grasses + Betula verrucosa
  • Mixed Grasses + Artemisia vulgaris
  • Mixed Grasses + Artemisia vulgaris + Triticum sativum
  • Mixed Grasses + Triticum sativum
  • Spring Trees
  • Betula verrucosa


  • Parietaria
  • Artemisia vulgaris

Our venom SCIT product is an immunotherapy designed for people with an allergy to wasp or bee stings. Its effect is brought about by administering amounts of allergen extract. After the initial phase (weekly administration), you only need to see your doctor once a month to have the therapy administered subcutaneously (through injections in the upper arm). All in all, such a course may take three to five years. The purpose of a venom therapy is to eliminate your hypersensitivity. Consult your doctor or specialist for more information.

Available VENOMENHAL® product portfolio: 

  • Bee 
  • Wasp 
  • Dilution

Summary leaflet: PURETHAL®

Composition: PURETHAL contains 20,000 AUM/ml modified pollen allergen extracts, 20,000 AUeq/ml of modified mites allergen extract respectively adsorbed onto aluminium hydroxide; suspension for subcutaneous injection. Indications: Treatment of immediate type allergic disorders (IgE-mediated), such as allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis and allergic bronchial asthma, which are triggered by allergenic substances. Dosage and administration: The therapy is started with a subcutaneous injection of 0.05 ml. After the first injection the dosage is increased stepwise to a maximum dose of 0.5 ml that is finally administered in monthly intervals. In adults an accelerated  stepwise increase may be used. Always check by aspiration that the injection needle has not entered a blood vessel. Do not exceed the maximum dose of 0.5 ml. It is advised to carry out the treatment over a period of 3 - 5 successive years. Contraindications: Acute inflammatory diseases/feverish infection at the target organ, secondary changes of the target organ (emphysema, bronchi-ectasia and others), autoimmune disorders (e.g. of the kidneys, thyroid gland, nervous system and rheumatic diseases),  immune deficiencies (e.g. that caused by immuno-suppressants), severe uncontrolled asthma particularly with an FEV1 persistency below 70%, cardiovascular failure with increased risk if using adrenalin, clinical active malignant tumor, hypersensitivity to any of the excipients. Special warnings and special precautions for use: Treatment with immunotherapy injections should only be performed by physicians qualified in allergology. Appropriate emergency treatment for shock must be immediately available during and after every injection. The patient must remain under medical supervision after the injection for 30 minutes. Special care should be taken in case of treatment with β-blockers, pregnancy and lactation, use of the product in children below the age of 5. Prophylactic immunization should be carried out no sooner than 7 days after the last injection. Side effects: Especially in the case of patients with a high degree of sensitization, intensified allergic reactions may occur. These symptoms generally arise within 30 minutes of receiving the injection. Intensified local reactions at the injection site. Reappearance of patient specific allergic symptoms as mild systemic reactions (itching of eyes, sneezing, coughing, atopic eczema), intensified systemic reactions (shortness of breath, generalized urticaria, Quincke’s oedema), in extreme rare cases also anaphylactic shock. After use subcutaneous knots and swellings (granulomas) at the injection site may be observed. Using the Rush scheme more side effects, primarily mild by nature, can occur. Package: PURETHAL is delivered in a 6 ml multidose vial with stopper and sealed with an aluminium cap.

The complete product information is available on request. HAL Allergy BV, Postbus 1204, 2302 BE Leiden, The Netherlands. Date: February 2012

Summary leaflet: VENOMENHAL®

Composition: VENOMENHAL® Bee, active ingredient: bee venom. VENOMENHAL® Wasp, active ingredient: wasp venom. Six injection bottles each containing 120 µg pure, freeze-dried bee or wasp venom. Excipients: HSA (human serum albumin) and mannitol. Solvent: 6 injection bottles each containing 1.2 ml of a solution of sodium chloride, phenol, HSA and water for injection. Indications: Dermal testing and specific immunotherapy for patients with IgE-mediated insect venom allergy, who experienced a systemic reaction after being stung by a bee or wasp. Contraindications: Acute inflammatory process/febrile infectious diseases; secondary disorders (e.g. emphysema, bronchiectasis); autoimmune disorders; immunodeficiency (including that induced by immunosuppressants); severe or inadequately controlled asthma (especially with FEV1 < 70% of reference value); cardiovascular disorders with increased risk when using adrenaline; treatment with ß-blockers (including ß-blocker-containing eye drops) and ACE-inhibitors; malignant tumours with current clinical significance; sensitivity to one of the excipients. These listed contraindications must be weighed against the danger to the patient from another insect sting. Do not start treatment when pregnant. Details about the interval to leave after vaccinations and further information, see Instructions for use and specialist information. In addition, the known contraindications to conducting dermal testing, e.g. skin disease near the test site (see specialist information). Adverse effects: Along with local reactions, systemic allergic reactions of varying severity can occur during dermal testing and therapy: anaphylactic shock, headache, flushing, coughing, dyspnoea, wheezing, diarrhoea, dyspepsia, nausea, vomiting, itching, rash, urticaria, angioedema, eczema, erythema, arthralgia, swelling or pruritus or urticaria at the injection site, feeling unwell, fatigue, malaise, pain, fever, swelling, irregular pulse, irregular blood pressure. In rare cases a slight fatigue may be evident after the injection, which should be considered when driving or operating machinery. Patients must be monitored at least 30 minutes after the injection, and a shock kit must be on hand. Adverse effects can also develop several hours after the injection. For more information and for the treatment of adverse effects, see specialist information. NB: prescription-only.

The complete product information is available on request: HAL Allergy BV, P.O. Box 1204, 2302 BE Leiden, The Netherlands. Date: April 2014