Pharmaceutical products

Allergy diagnostics and causual treatment


HAL Allergy manufactures medication in which the severeness of the allergic reactions diminishes and in the end possibly disappears. With this allergy vaccination the causes of the symptoms are tackled at the source. By using small amounts of allergens, the human immune system gets used to the allergens that cause the reactions. So within a few months the patients have less symptoms and within a few years may no longer suffer from an allergy. This is in contrast with symptom suppressing medication which offers short term relief.

We invest in research into new application methods and faster efficacy of allergen vaccines. There are immunotherapies available for a wide range of allergens, be it grass, trees, animals and herbs. In addition to administration by injection (subcutaneous therapy), it can be administered by squeezing a few drops under the tongue (sublingual therapy).

  • SCIT - Subcutaneous
  • SLIT - Sublingual


HAL Allergy offers a wide range of diagnostic products, from skin prick tests to provocation tests and patch tests.