About HAL Allergy Group

State of the art in pharmaceutical development

HAL Allergy Group (HAL Allergy) is a modern leader and innovator in the field of biopharmaceuticals and located at the Bio Science Park in Leiden, The Netherlands. Our focus since 1959 stems from the development, production and distribution of Allergen Immunotherapies for the treatment and prevention of allergic diseases. These immunotherapies are used primarily against common allergies such as hay fever, house dust mite allergy and allergic reactions towards wasp or bee stings. With offices in major European countries, HAL Allergy is one of the European top players, particularly in the field of allergy. We take more than a little pride in our international leading role in the production of allergen extracts, both for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes.

In addition, we have an specific expertise in the area of contract manufacturing with focus on the production of biopharmaceutical products for preclinical and clinical studies.

HAL Allergy originally stems from 'Haarlems Allergenen Laboratorium', a Dutch company set up in Haarlem. The company started as a small laboratory where, on request of several local general practitioners (GPs), extracts were prepared on a named patient basis to treat against allergic reactions. The core business of HAL Allergy was, and still is, the treatment of allergies with specific immunotherapies. Patients' well-being is always our top priority.

From the beginning, HAL Allergy was located in the centre of Haarlem, The Netherlands. In the 1970's HAL Allergy grew to a mid-sized laboratory and expanded into the German market. Germany soon developed into a major export country for HAL Allergy products. Over the years the product portfolio has changed and developed along with its headquarters. In January 2007 HAL Allergy had to start looking for new bigger premises and chose to relocate to the Bio Science Park in Leiden, The Netherlands.

Beside the development and production of allergy vaccines, HAL Allergy started a new business in 2012. This new Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO), named HALIX, is engaged in the production of biotechnological products for preclinical and clinical studies.

We employ around 300 highly specialized people across various functions. The departments at our headquarters include development, production, quality assurance and control, clinical and registration. Our staff works closely together with leading research institutes. At our locations in Germany, Poland, Austria, Spain and Italy we mainly focus on service and sales activities.

Milestones of HAL Allergy

2016   Completion phase III study SUBLIVAC® Birch
2016   Completion First-in-Human study SCIT product for treatment of peanut allergy
2014   Introduction of PURETHAL® RUSH Scheme Birch
2012   Start HALIX Contract Manufacturing Organization
2011   Introduction of PURETHAL® RUSH Scheme Grasses
2009   Opening new GMP facilities in Leiden Introduction of SUBLIVAL FIX ®
2008   Introduction of PURETHAL® / SUBLIVAC® one bottle
2005   Start operations of HAL Allergy in Spain
2003   Start operations of HAL Allergy in Italy
  Start operations of HAL Allergy in Austria; Introduction of PURETHAL® Mites
2000   Start operations of HAL Allergy in Poland
1999   Extension of the PURETHAL® product range
1998   Introduction of VENOMENHAL® Bee and Wasp Venoms
1995   Introduction of SUBLIVAC® B.E.S.T. sublingual immunotherapy
1990   Introduction of PURETHAL® Birch and ACTI.TIP® system for type I-allergy
1988   Standardization of allergen extracts in Allergy Units (A.U.), according to the FDA standardization
1986   Introduction of Grasses (allergoid - glutaraldehyde modified depot extracts)
1982   HAL allergen extracts are stabilized by Epsilon Amino Caproic Acid (EACA)
1980   HALISA® - the HAL-ELISA for type III-allergy diagnosis - is introduced

  Introduction of product for the diagnosis of type III-allergies; Start operations of HAL Allergy in Germany
1974   Introduction of HAL® ORAL
1969   Introduction of aluminium hydroxide depot extracts

  Introduction of the first commercially available house-dust mite extract by HAL Introduction of the biological standardization for allergen activity determination for each batch
1965   Production of the first standard series of allergens for epicutaneous testing
1959   Foundation of HAL Allergy (Haarlems Allergenen Laboratorium BV)



HAL Allergy is a subsidiary of the family owned Droege Group

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