1959 Foundation of HAL Allergy (Haarlems Allergenen Laboratorium BV)
1965 Production of the first standard series of allergens for epicutaneous testing
1966 Introduction of the biological standardization for allergen activity determination for each batch
Introduction of the first commercially available house-dust mite extract
1969 Introduction of aluminium hydroxide depot extracts
1974 Introduction of HAL® ORAL
1977 Start operations of HAL Allergy in Germany
Introduction of product for the diagnosis of type III-allergies
1980 Introduction of HAL-ELISA for type III-allergy diagnosis
1982 HAL allergen extracts are stabilized by Epsilon Amino Caproic Acid (EACA)
1986 Introduction of SCIT Grasses (allergoid – glutaraldehyde modified depot extracts)
1988 Standardization of allergen extracts in Allergy Units (A.U.), according to the FDA standardization
1990 Introduction of SCIT for Birch and ACTI.TIP® system for type I-allergy
1995 Introduction of SLIT product B.E.S.T. sublingual immunotherapy
1998 Introduction of SCIT Bee and Wasp Venoms
1999 Extension of the SCIT product range
2000 Start operations of HAL Allergy in Poland
2001 Introduction of SCIT Mites
Start operations of HAL Allergy in Austria
2003 Start operations of HAL Allergy in Italy
2005 Start operations of HAL Allergy in Spain
2008 Introduction of SCIT / SLIT one bottle
2009 Introduction of SLIT products with fixed allergens
Opening new GMP facilities in Leiden
2011 Introduction of RUSH up-dosing for SCIT Grasses
2012 Start HALIX Contract Development Manufacturing Organization
2014 Introduction of RUSH up-dosing for SCIT Birch and Trees
2016 Completion of first-in-Human SCIT peanut study
Completion pivotal phase III study with SLIT Birch
2017 Registration of first SCIT Wasp Venom manufactured by electrostimulation
2018 First achieved marketing authorisations in line with Therapieallergene‑Verordnung for the SLIT Birch and Trees