Working at HAL

HAL Allergy offers an environment for personal development

What we offer

We offer our employees competitive labour conditions that are based on talent, experience and performance. In addition to a competitive salary this includes an attractive benefits package.

Personal development

We want to live a culture that inspires our specialists to achieve our strategic business objectives. HAL Allergy offers to its employees a wide range of opportunities to develop their individual career at our firm. As we cover as a firm the entire value chain, beginning at R&D via production and providing our products to the markets via our own sales force, there is room for development for all HAL Allergy employees.

Process Excellence: Suzanne Seegers - Twomey

“I was brought in to HAL Allergy as a process excellence specialist. Using a Lean Six Sigma  (LSS) approach I collaborate with various departments to transform how they work. At its simplest, Lean seeks to eliminate waste, while Six Sigma focuses on quality and defects. As quality and waste often go hand in hand it is good practice to use both approaches together. The LSS approach has respect for people at its very heart.  It is customer focused -we need to listen to what the customer needs from our company and then make sure we deliver it.  We also have the people who run the processes – they need to participate in the improvements in order to make them a success.  During my time within a department my aim is to develop a LSS mindset and demonstrate the tools and techniques so that a department can continuously improve by itself. I will always make myself available to coach people on the tools if they are interested in learning. HAL Allergy has just taken the first steps on its path with LSS. There are a lot of exiting challenges ahead and I am looking forward to the journey.”

Conducting a PhD Thesis together with HAL Allergy: Hans Warmenhoven 

"At the moment I am involved in a project in which the aim is to develop a new way of delivering medicine to humans. The project is divided in multiple steps which will be done together with a whole group of other scientists of which two also will aim for their PhD. The whole project will take at least four years. I am very happy that HAL Allergy is continuously involved in new science and gives me this opportunity."


Go HeALthy

We care for the health and well-being of our employees. Therefore we have set up the ‘Go HeALthy’ Program. This program includes weekly sports training for our employees at the headquarters in Leiden, the organisation of the Leiden Bio Science Park Soccer Tournament, and participation in local sports events.