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These terms of use apply to the website www.hal-allergy.com and to all URLs that are linked to www.hal-allergy.com (e.g. www.halallergy.com).

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The website www.hal-allergy.com is a voluntary additional service of HAL Allergy Holding B.V. (also called HAL Allergy in the following), which can be changed or stopped at any time. This also applies to the contents of these terms of use.

These internet pages are aimed at users in all countries. It is possible for this information or parts thereof not to be valid in certain countries (e.g. product information, summary of product characteristics, prices).

Disclaimer/third-party contents
The contents of the website are created and maintained conscientiously and to the best of our knowledge. However, a guarantee for the accuracy and timeliness of the offered information cannot be provided.

HAL Allergy Holding B.V is not liable for damage which could occur – directly or indirectly – from the use of this website or by the linking of associated websites. HAL Allergy Holding B.V. is also not liable for damage caused by the use of the information provided on these sites.

The world-wide web exists thanks to the linking of various websites. This is the only way to enable topic-based and interdisciplinary internet browsing. However, linked websites are created by their respective operators under their own responsibility, and these operators are not necessarily associated with HAL Allergy Holding B.V..

Because no guarantee can be made for continuous accuracy and completeness of the information offered on the linked websites and the information offered there does not necessarily reflect the opinion of HAL Allergy Holding B.V., we must, unfortunately, expressly distance ourselves from these contents based on the applicable legal position.

The respective terms of use/disclaimers apply to the use of the linked websites of third parties.

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Linking to the pages of HAL Allergy Holding B.V. is possible and desired if the copyright notation remains visible. Because these pages use frames, only links to the following URLs should be provided, if possible, so as to guarantee navigation options:

www.hal-allergy.com (home page) 

A link to the pages of the password-protected section is not permitted for reasons pertaining to drug advertising laws.

Displaying the contents of HAL Allergy Holding B.V.in the frames of third parties is not permitted without written permission. 

Medical information
The purpose of these internet pages is to provide general information about allergies as well as information about HAL Allergy Holding B.V. and its services and products, with specific information about prescription medications only being accessible to professionals working in the medical industry.

The purpose of his website is expressly not to provide medical advice or therapy recommendations to the medical lay public or to assist in self-diagnosis. Visiting the website is in no way intended to replace a visit to a medical professional in the event of health problems.

For information about using medicinal products sold by HAL Allergy Holding B.V., see the respective applicable product insert included in the packaging, as this is binding.