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The 2017 EACCI webcast in Helsinki is online


Find the whole session and clips of every single contribution here.

Roadmap of Innovative and Registered Allergen Immunotherapy
Have an audio-visual review of the HAL Allergy Symposium at EAACI 2017 in Helsinki.

Topics of the diffrent contributions:

  • Insights to AIT Clinical Study Program (Dirk-Jan Opstelten, Netherlands)
    The TAV Program - Implications for the Allergologist in Europe (Ludger Klimek, Germany)
  • Grass allergen immunotherapy - Where we are (Moisés Calderón, United Kingdom)
  • Birch or Trees - From Allergen Source to Immunological Active Compounds (Krzysztof Kowal, Poland)
  • Clinical Development of Immunotherapy for Peanut Allergy (Carsten Bindslev-Jensen, Denmark)


  • Oliver Pfaar, Germany
  • Dirk-Jan Opstelten, The Netherlands

About HAL Allergy

HAL Allergy Group is active in the field of biopharmaceuticals and is located at the Bio Science Park in Leiden, The Netherlands. Our core business is the development and manufacturing of therapies and diagnostics for allergic diseases. In addition, we offer contract manufacturing services focusing on the production of biopharmaceutical products for (pre-) clinical studies. With offices in major European countries, HAL Allergy is one of the European top players in the allergy immunotherapy business. Established in 1959 HAL Allergy has long experience in developing, producing and selling allergy therapies with an immuno-modulatory effect causing a reduction in symptoms and long-term disease suppression. The allergy therapies are used against common allergies such as hay fever, house dust mites allergy and allergic reactions towards wasp or bee stings. More information is available on:   

The main shareholder of HAL Allergy GmbH is Droege International Group AG, which is an independent Advisory and Investment Company, based in Düsseldorf, Germany. More information is available on: 

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