HAL Allergy General Purchase Conditions

General Purchase Conditions (Subsidiary of HAL Allergy Holding B.V.)

Filed at the Chamber of Commerce of The Hague, The Netherlands, under file number 34049105

Delivery instructions

Delivery instructions for all deliveries for HAL Allergy B.V. at:

HAL Allergy B.V.
J.H. Oortweg 17
The Netherlands

Delivery times

Deliveries are possible Monday till Thursday from 08.30 hrs. till 16.00 hrs. and on Friday from 08.30 hrs. till 15.00 hrs.


Parcels can be delivered with a maximal weight of 25 kgs each and should wear all information regarding class of risk, transport and storage.


All shipments must be packed on clean, undamaged pallets, 80 x 120 cm. All goods must be packed within the pallet size. The total height of pallet and goods should be maximal 180 cm.

Pallet exchange

All europallets should be exchanged directly with the delivery. Exchange of pallets after the delivery is not possible.

Shipping documents

All shipping documents should mention the purchase order number and the item number(s) of HAL Allergy.

Certificates of Analyses

Certificates of analyses, if applicable, should be at HAL before delivery of the shipment:

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