In general we have two interview rounds

We keep it simple

Applying for a job is always exciting. Therefore, we have tried to make our procedure welcoming and as simple as possible. In general we have two interview rounds.

  • The first is an interview with a member of the HR team and the relevant supervisor.
  • The second interview is with a manager or director and one or more colleague(s) from the team where you will work.

We believe it is important that you have a good understanding with your colleagues and that they have a chance to run an open and honest discussion with you. This also gives you the opportunity to raise any questions you might have with the team/department to give you a better picture. If necessary a third meeting can take place to get that picture as bright as possible.

After these two rounds (which we try to regulate quickly if agendas make this possible) we arrive at the final stage of an offer. We can also use an assessment centre for certain (managerial) functions. That will be discussed during the recruitment process. If you have questions or want to know more about the procedure, please call our HR department on: +31 (88) 1959 020.