Expand market position by taking smart opportunities

Our activities focus on increasing quality of life for patients in the field of allergy

HAL Allergy uses the established and proven transformation program “MORE” developed by the Droege Group by structuring its operational business within an activity based framework. Our aim is to achieve the overarching goal of providing the best possible medical products and scientific output in order to increase quality of life for patients in the field of allergy.

Being a mid sized business, we follow an entrepreneurial approach. Our strategy is to have a stable and highly skilled organization. This is the basis for a profitable and sustainable growth of our company. The MORE framework helps us to achieve the overriding goal of HAL Allergy. Herewith we are responding proactively to the requirements of our scientific environment and, of course, practitioners and patients needs.  

How we use the MORE framework in order to achieve our strategic goals

M stands for Maintain
Maintain stands for securing the transactional business model. We deliver a significant amount of therapies to the international markets. Basis for this is full compliance with the “Therapieallergene- Verordnung (TAV)”, which was put in force by the German Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI) on 14.11.2008. After having successfully finished the TAV, we will be able to strengthen our international market position. In order to achieve this, HAL Allergy invests significantly into the specific expertise of our employees.

O stands for Optimize:
We continuously and consequently optimize our value driving processes throughout the group of companies. Our current focus foots on a digitalization strategy for internal and external stakeholders. We strive for a strong leverage, which is derived from the Profit Improvement Program (PIP), the Process Optimization Program (POP) as well as the Sales Force Excellence Program (SFE).

R stands for Reinvent:
By reinventing ourselves, we proactively address the challenges of tomorrow. We have a clear commitment to develop new products for patients suffering from allergy. HAL Allergy is engaged in different phases of research ranging from early stage development, pre-clinical up until registration. The optimization of the existing product portfolio is key: we have achieved to make our products friendlier to use for practitioners and patients. Further, we do facilitate growth and know-how development via our contract manufacturing business unit, where we on the one hand serve our clients but also support meaningful projects in the field of allergy.

Lastly, E stands for Enhance
This mainly means expanding our market position by acquisitions or cooperation’s. However, the major driver for enhancing our business is the successful completion of the clinical trial program. This will increase HAL Allergy's reach on international markets and we will introduce new products. Add-on acquisitions will help in order to increase the HAL Allergy platform.