HAL Allergy focuses its activities on 2 pillars

Allergy and CMO: We attract the professional know-how for our discliplines

HAL Allergy centres its activities on two business pillars: Since its foundation in 1959 the focus is on the allergy business. In the course of 2012 HAL Allergy Group established HALIX (www.halix.nl), a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO), which offers the experience of HAL Allergy to its clients.

Customers of HALIX benefit from a distinctive 55 years+ experience in product development, registration, production (under GMP conditions) and market access across Europe. HALIX is focused on the service towards its clients and GMP production. The aim at HALIX is to ensure a well established GMP process with efficient timelines, and a flexible mindset to assist clients throughout the whole journey from early stage development towards final product ready for (pre)clinical phases. HALIX can advise, develop, assist, test and produce products according to GMP regulations and offer a full portfolio of services to its clients to ensure the quality of the products which they deliver.